2019 Summer Library Club

Marbury Public Library      Thursdays @ 10am

June 6th>   MARBURY FIRE FIGHTERS! Hands on Fire truck! Fire hose water play!

                    Water balloons and Bubbles! Bring your towels! Wear fire gear! Goody bags!

                        Books: The Fire Cat/Going to the Firehouse /Snacks: make fire truck cookies

June 13th> WILD WILD WEST SHOW! Calling all Cowboys and cowgirls for Rope Tricks&more!

                     Activities: Learn cowboy songs, meet a real cowboy and cowgirl, be on a trail ride/

                        Make a father’s day gift. Snacks: make Trail mix

June 20th> Nat’l Ice Cream Soda Day! & AMERICAN EAGLE DAY!

                       Books: Should I Share My Ice Cream? / Milk to Ice Cream/The Little Ice Cream Truck

                       Activities: Watch Live cam American eagles/ Snack: make ice cream sodas   

June 27th> Third Annual Recycle Day with more Surprises from Granny Re Cycle!

                    Nat’l Sunglasses Day! / Nat’l Happy Birthday Day! (sing to Senior Citizens)  

                    Books: Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses/Joseph Had a Little Overcoat   

                       Activities: Make Tic Tac Toe with recycled material/ Snack: make a Super snack


July 4th>    Fourth of July Holiday…MPL is closed

July 11th> Teddy Bear Picnic Day! Bring your favorite teddy bear or adopt one at the library!

                Books: Teddy Bears Picnic/Goldilocks & the Three Bears/ The Bears’ Picnic

                     Activities: Act the three bears story with props/Jump rope “Teddy bear, teddy bear”

                     Snacks: make a picnic basket snack and have picnic with your Teddy bears

July 18th> HOT DOG! Meet   Marbury’s local service dog  “Precious”!

                  Books: Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog! /Hot Dog/The Pigeon loves things that Go!

                     Activities: Summer Readings surprises/Snacks: Build your own hot dog